01 April 2018

My History at 7 Signal Group

My History at 7 Signal Group.

1.       I started at 7 Signal Group in June 2011. When I got there, there was a lot to do and fix. The Unit was not up to standard. There was a lot of Policies, MDC and other documentation not available. So, I started off by searching for all these documents on the Intranet. Found all the necessary documents and print them to make files so all members could have them handy and can start working according to the policies.

2.       I was also looking for ways to put 7 Signal Group back on the map and make us known to more units out there. I started off with a Facebook group 7 Signal Group. I wanted to use this group as an information channel between the leader group and the rest of the members and also for members that was doing duties at 7 Signal Group.

a.       I decided to design a T-Shirt and other clothing, as well as a mug with the 7 Signal Group Flash on it.

b.       I printed a lot of T-Shirt, Golf Shirts, and other items.

c.       I printed 120 mugs with our logo on it. (unfortunately, a box of 82 mugs was stolen last year.)

d.       On our 40-year anniversary I designed a logo that I wanted to print on mugs and other items but did not get that far.

e.       The discipline in the unit was way down and I had to uplift it, we had a lot of problems, meetings and discussions with the members to see how we can fix that. Since then the standard of the unit discipline is about 80 percent. The is more to be done to push this percentage up.

f.        The communication between the troop and the leader group was in a poor state and we had to fix that, that was fixed and there is now more feedback and information going to the members than ever before.

g.       I also tried to open a social media site for the unit, which was not successful at all.

h.       The Unit is more involved in other units around it than before. We are giving service to the following units: (This include communication, lighting, training, etc.)

                                                   i.      Transvaal Scottish.
                                                 ii.      Johannesburg Regiment.
                                               iii.      SA Irish Regiment.
                                               iv.      Regiment Light Infantry.
                                                 v.      Regiment Paul Kruger.
                                               vi.      Regiment Oos Rand.
                                              vii.      Witwatersrand Rifles.
                                            viii.      Alpha Base, Heidelberg.
                                                ix.      Other Reserve units in Gauteng Area.
                                                 x.      Other units outside Gauteng Area.

i.         All the administration and documentation were my responsibility.

3.       I was involved in 2 exercises with 81 Signal Unit and 71 Signal Unit. These exercises were conducted with a 80 percent success.

4.       Training: All the training conducted in the unit was my responsibility. This was done according to policy and in a proper way.

5.       I was the right-hand man for Acting RSM WO1 P.P.P. Bekker and then RSM D. Ntuli.
6.       I also assisted WO1 Bekker in OHS and MS.

7.       From June 2011 until September 2015 I was living in and I was the only WO on the base. All units were using my services to keep the base safe and without any complaints. I was also the keyholder of the unit and was handling all the security as such.

8.       All the Guard Duties that 7 Signal Group have done in the base was my responsibility and it went well without any incidents.

9.       When they started to do renovations at our building, all the moving and organizing was my responsibility. We moved all the equipment to 2 40-foot containers. (Some of the training conducted in the unit was in one of the containers and when it was too hot we had our training outside under the trees.) We were working in offices supplied by SA Irish Regiment. When we received our offices back the moving back to the building and our new offices was also my responsibility. All went well.

10.   The QM Store and Transport was also my responsibility and I was working on it until March 2018.

This is a short version of the history. I will also upload some photos where necessary.

PS: I also started a group called SA Seinkorps, (The Cover Photo is my design.) I was the admin for that group and I was removed from admin a couple of years ago by someone, and from there I was a member until 28th of March 2018 when I removed myself from the group.

Bad News

On 28th of March 2018 I was informed that my services for my country in the SADF and SANDF Reserve Force are terminated and the job that I love. What makes me bitter is the way it was done. 

I worked hard to become a warrant officer, it took a couple of years to get to a warrant officer. I put 15 years of Permanent Force into it and another 6 years in the Reserve Force. The reasons given to me when I asked why? (Not included here) It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. 

6 Years I worked hard and gave everything I got to my members and the unit but that was not enough. I was stabbed in the back with a huge knife. I just hope the person/s (he/she, know who they are) that is responsible for this must know that whatever they do to other people will come back to them and it will bite them back (and it will be 7-fold), believe you me it will be hard and bad. I dont care what the people think and what they do after this statement, but I just feel that I have to make this public. 

Anyone who doesnt like what I am saying here, SO BE IT!! 

It is the truth and it hurts. This is a hard fall and blow, but I will NEVER give up, I will get up shake the dust and carry on.

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08 May 2009

Acheim Online

My name is Wietz [Vic] Jacobus van der Merwe.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. I am honoured to spend time with you! I would like to introduce myself to you, so that if you, or anyone else whom you know ever have a need for anything that I can offer, you might consider contacting me through my E-mail address.

I was born on the 25th of June 1957, Randfontein, South Africa. I grew up in a town called Sasolburg [Petrol & Oil from coal] in the Free State Province. Went to the SA Defense Force for 15 years [Permanent Force]. Resigned in November 1990 and started with a new career in the Retail business. Selling Small Business Machines. Worked as a salesperson from 1991 to 2005.

Started with my own business in 2005 and still growing. My Business is mainly Web & Graphic Design, and an online Retail Store. The company name is Acheim Computer Products and the Online Store is Acheim Online. Acheim is a Hebrew Bible name and it means = "The Lord will establish".

I am also running a couple of other websites, personal and family sites. These sites are still under construction, revamping to new backend software, and I add information as fast as I can. They are:

Spirit of God [My sisters website] - Prophecy explanations, confirmations and possible confirmations of Raymond Aguilera's given to him by God.
Ons Volk, Ons Land - [History about the Boerevolk] - My site, the history of South Africa from 1652 to 1994.
El-Roi [God who sees me] - Christian site with 2 main languages, Afrikaans and English covering a huge amount of studies and articles.

I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to run my own business, the strength, knowledge and everything else I need to run this business. Without Him, I am nothing. Glory to God.

My focus at the moment is on the following areas:
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Programs
My personal Goals are
  • Always look up to God, put Him as #1 in my life and praise Him for what I have and get.
  • Never stop learning from others. Their experiences fill in the gaps for us.
  • Always make the time to stop and listen to others
  • To acknowledge the world around me
  • Never to quit
  • Always be grateful
  • Always follow my instinct and be true to myself
  • Keep life in proportion and maintain good health

My History at 7 Signal Group

My History at 7 Signal Group. 1.        I started at 7 Signal Group in June 2011. When I got there, there was a lot to do and fix. The...